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Congratulations, Iris Elliott.

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Iris Elliott is the Artistic Director and founder of Unicorn Theatre in Head of St. Margaret’s Bay. She retired in 2014 as the Executive Director of the Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia, having worked in the nonprofit sector for more than two decades.  Iris now focuses her enthusiasm on the theatre and the children and community that it serves.

Unicorn theatre was co-founded by Iris and her daughter Caroline in 1995 when Caroline was in high school. With the support of their community, they have grown the theatre from a local drama camp into a highly-regarded, year-round youth theatre. Iris and Caroline volunteered together directing and running the theatre until Caroline moved away, and now Iris continues on with the help of parent and youth volunteers.

Iris is passionate not only about Unicorn Theatre, but also about the children who grow and learn there, and the community that supports it. She has been integral in building a place for youth in the community to have fun, be creative, and learn about the arts. Because of her efforts, and the rallying of the community, the theatre has been going strong for 21 years.

When asked about her own mentors, Iris says that it has been the members of the Unicorn’s various Boards of Directors who have been her mentors, advisors, supporters and friends. Coming from all walks of life, these men and women have been brought together with one goal: to give their children the best possible experience at Unicorn Theatre. This group of people has shown Iris that there is always a solution to any problem, and that hard work and community support are the key ingredients of success.

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