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Congratulations, Cindy Ng.

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Cindy Ng-Ivanoff is a Primary teacher at Basinview Drive Community School who has almost two decades of teaching experience. She holds two Masters degrees in Education, and is completing an integrated program in Differentiated Instruction. Cindy values inquiry based, experiential learning and encourages her students to be hands on through activities like cooking and gardening.

Cindy is very involved with our community through involvement with Sunday school, school events, mentoring, and hockey committees.  She is passionate about cooking, gardening, exploring Halifax, and spending time with her husband, Jason, and two sons, Ethan and Zachary. 

Encouraging learning and ensuring that her students have a successful transition into the school system is paramount for Cindy. She makes herself available to parents and she sets families at ease with their children’s school experience, regardless of their needs or abilities. This approach means that students start their educational path in a positive way and enjoy learning.

When asked about mentors, Cindy says that she had two teachers growing up in the small town of Gibson, BC, who were mentors for her and lead her towards teaching. Cindy knew she wanted to work with children, but thought she would run a daycare until Mlle Eastman and Ms. Wilson showed her that by keeping learning interesting, children stay engaged and succeed in their classes. These teachers always encouraged students to give their best effort and do their best job and enhanced learning experiences by taking their learning outside of the walls of the classroom. Cindy now recreates these same learning experiences for her young learners, and her success is evident in the classroom.

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