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“I’ve learned how important I can be to a child and it’s kind of shocking! But it feels so good - the school tells me how Ashley’s practically bouncing with excitement waiting for me. Believe me, it’s wonderful for my self esteem too. I have total support from my workplace, which is great. I’m apt to give everything I’ve got to my job but this gives me time for something that means a lot to me, something that provides balance in my life.”

Lorena, In-School Mentor

“Ashley has a lot of energy and it takes a lot of energy to keep up with her and sometimes that’s hard when I’m juggling three jobs. Since her Big Sister Lorena came along she’s calmer and she’s allowed me to get closer to her. Our relationship’s gotten much stronger.”
Michelle, Parent

“If you haven’t been a Little Brother it’s really hard to explain adequately how one person can have such a huge impact on your life. I had my Big Brother for 3 years before he moved away - I like to think he’d be pleased that I’ve just been accepted to Med School. Now, as an adult, I have a really busy schedule, but I received such a benefit from my Big Brother that it’s important for me to be a volunteer. The In-School Mentoring Program is perfect for me. My Mentee is so much like I was - too much energy, short attention span. I really understand his frustration. We try to do things that are a bit different. Last week we made nanaimo bars which made him very popular with his teachers. We get closer every day - it’s an amazing experience.”
Chad, In-School Mentor & former Little Brother

“Being part of BigBunch is a great release from school responsibilities. I’ve really learned a lot about problem solving and leadership from our Group Mentors and I get a great feeling doing something for someone else. We do things my Little Brother Bruce doesn’t get much chance to do. He’s shy and this really helps him.”
Jacob, BigBunch Member, Grade XII student

“Steven took to Craig & Linda (Big Couple) right away...which is unusual for him. Steven has never had a man in his life. Craig and he share a lot of interests and since they’ve been matched Steven is trying new things with them. Steven’s self confidence has grown too. What might seem like a small benefit to most but is a huge benefit for me is seeing the happy faces my kids have after being out with their Bigs.”
Bev, Parent

“When I received you as a Big Sister I realized how lucky I was but I never told you. You helped me through the worst days of my life and shared the good days with me. You are my best friend and that will never leave my heart.”
Little Sister, Angela in what she describes as a “long overdue thank you”, 11 years after being matched with her Big Sister, Annette

“I am writing to thank you and everyone else for getting me a Big Brother, Mark. We have lots of fun together. We have gone fishing, I’ve seen some airplanes with him, we went to the park and the beach. Mark even came to my spring concert. I was Papa Bear.”
Little Brother, David

“Big Brothers Big Sisters gave me the learning experience of a lifetime. They invited me to a conference in Ottawa concerning youth at risk. This gave me the opportunity to learn something about myself that I didn’t really know. It brought up my self-confidence and self-esteem and desire to succeed. I was impressed by some of the programs other people were talking about. I think programs should enhance young people’s self-esteem, giving them responsibility and trusting them to make their own judgements. It’s like Big Brothers Big Sisters - it’s better to prevent problems than to fix them later.”
Angela, former Little Sister, delegate to Youth Partnership, Youth at Risk (1999)

“My father died when I was about 8 years old. I knew I missed something special. I’m retired now and have some time so I think it’s my responsibility to be a decent role model to a child. It costs nothing but a bit of time - and it’s lots of fun!”
Alston, In-School Mentor

“Dear Big Brothers Big Sisters,
I really love my Big Sister, she is just what I always wanted in a friend that I could call my own. She means the world to me. I want to “Thank You” for giving me such a wonderful Big Sister.”
Little Sister, Angela

“I feel really special because my Big Brother and Big Sister accept me into their home. Yes, that makes me feel really special.”
Luke, Little Brother matched to a Big Couple


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